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The Obalon™ Balloon

The Obalon Stomagic™ weight-loss program

The New Revolutionary Weight-loss Procedure Making History,
The World's First swallowable weight loss balloon. Quick to place, easy to remove.

Best of all, it really works!

What is The Obalon Balloon?

It is the world's first swallowable gastric balloon for weight loss and it’s called The Obalon Balloon. It requires no surgery, it’s reversible and best of all it really works! It’s a simple capsule that you swallow containing a balloon. Once inside the stomach in a matter of seconds, the balloon is inflated. It is a simple quick and painless office procedure that has no down time! Walk in, swallow the capsule walk out … Get ready to go down the path of success!

What is The Stomagic App ?

The Stomagic App is the perfect companion to The Obalon Balloon by using your smartphone to track your progress and guide you to your weight-loss goal. Nourishment is key to a successful and permanent outcome, so as you lose weight VITALEPH Engineered Nutrition nourishes you back to health. A decade of scientific research in nutrition, weight-loss and health has been programed into the app.

How does the Obalon Program work?

Stomach, Brain and Body....Simple!

The Stomach: The Obalon Balloon curbs your appetite by diminishing your hunger and the overall amount of food you can consume in a meal. A second balloon placement is usually required after the first month. The whole program takes three months.

The Brain: The Stomagic APP is your nutritionist, personal trainer, life style coach, private chef and trainer that supervises your nutrition and exercise, tracks your progress reporting it real time to your medical team and gives you advise every step of the way. On call 24/7! Over a decade of research on nutrition and weight-loss has been programmed into the world’s first smartphone app linked to a non surgical weight-loss medical device.

Lean Mass: You can’t starve your body back to health. That is why conventional diets don’t work… that complements the dramatic weight loss without the risk of malnourishment. With high quality proteins you can complement your dramatic weight loss without the risk of malnourishment.

Frequently Asked Questions

The balloon program lasts 3 months+1 month of follow up. It starts when you swallow the first balloon, a second one usually is administered after the first month to keep the weight-loss steady and hunger at bay. This phase ends with the endoscopic removal of the balloons at 3 months. After the balloon removal, additional weight loss is expected… In a recent multicenter study, over a 100 patients experienced a dramatic weight loss, in fact, these patients lost a total of 50.2% of excess weight in three months. U.S. Limited Market Release (4 countries & 11 sites). No other… Actually, only a dramatic weight loss surgery has been able to produce these amount of weight loss taking far longer than four months. The Obalon Stomagic APP and the high Quality Protein Shakes will be with you every step of the way.
It takes 3 months to lose a substantial amount of weight. The Obalon Balloon is the first non surgical medical device to consistently provide safe and effective weight-loss. In a recent multicenter study over 100 patients experienced dramatic weight-loss. In fact patients lost a total of 50.2% excess weight was lost in 3 months. EU Limited Market Release (4 Countries & 11 Sites) No other medical program has been able to obtain these results. In fact, only dramatic weight loss surgery has been able produce amount of weight loss usually taking far longer than 3 months.

Weight loss is only the beginning. Fortunately The Obalon Balloon produces substantial weight loss and best of all in a short period: three months! These first 3 months is what we call The Obalon Balloon Phase or Phase 1.

The Post-Balloon Phase starts at 3 months. We call this Phase 2. This is when The Stomagic APP and VITALEPH Engineered Nutrition kick in to help you stay on course. The key to a successful and durable outcome is changing your understanding of nutrition and habits... Remember the R’s!The goal is to Replete, Restore, Revitalize, Regenerate your body and your mind!

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