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How long is the Stomagic Weight Loss Program?

The balloon program lasts 3 months. It starts when you swallow the first balloon, a second one usually is administered after the first month to keep the weight-loss steady and hunger at bay. This phase ends with the endoscopic removal of the balloons at 3 months. After the balloon removal additional weight loss is expected by keeping your nutrition and exercise on track for the first year. The Stomagic APP and Vitaleph Engineered Nutrition will be with you every step of the way.

Substantial weight loss clinically proven

Stomagic Obalon Balloon Day 1

Day 1

Stomagic Obalon Balloon Day 30

Week 3

Stomagic Obalon Balloon Day 90

week 8

Stomagic Obalon Balloon Day 120

Week 12

Get your first balloon. You will feel full and you lose weight. Stomagic App is activated and you start your VITALEPH supplement protein intake. Simple!
The balloons effectiveness diminishes over time, a second balloon is administered. Quick and easy, you regain the "fullness sensation" promoting additional weight loss.
Balloons are still in your stomach, Stomagic APP is tracking, advising, reminding and alerting you on your diet, nutrition exercise, recipes and more. The VITALEPH shakes are complementing your weight loss, nourishing your body at a cellular level, rebooting your overall state of health.
Removal of balloons. Weight-loss is substantial and noticeable. A quick endoscopy with a mild sedation is performed. Minimal downtime. You are ready to regenerate lean mass and substitute the fullness induced by the balloons for a long lasting satiety following a diet regimen.

After the 3 month program, use the APP and Nutrition Line to
tone, gain lean mass and lose more weight.

The Stomagic App

The Stomagic App

VITALEPH Multivitamin

VITALEPH Multivitamin



Cognitive-Behavioral Reconditioning: The Stomagic APP provides mental conditioning and reprogramming for positive reinforcement required to modify how we think and how we act when it comes to food, nutrition and exercise. Decades of research have been programed into the app, reporting 24/7 real time to your nutritionist and physician.
Metabolic & Cellular Restoration: The Vitaleph Engineered Nutrition line provides a clinically proven supplementation used in the most demanding weight loss surgery cases, proving optimal nourishment that impacts the tissue at a cellular level and your whole body at a metabolic level.
Gastric Satiety Induction: The Vitaleph Engineered Nutrition and Vitaleph Meal Replacement is an essential part of the satiety inducing plan that diminishes hunger without needing the gastric balloons that helped you lose weight during the first four months. Our program retrains you to eat regularly and balanced by providing optimal nutrition and regulating hunger-satiety cycles during the days, weeks and years to come.